What Makes LA a Dynamic Tech & Startup Hub

HelloAdvisr CEO Shares His Thoughts on What Makes LA a Dynamic Tech and Startup Hub

HelloAdvisr Founder and CEO, Ed Lee, recently shared his thoughts on startups and tech in Los Angeles in his latest blog post,  “What I Learned About Startups and Tech in LA”.

In his latest post, he explores the rich qualities that make LA a great location for startups and innovation-driven companies. He highlights four areas that makes Los Angeles a unique tech and startup hub.

One of the key topics introduced is the discussion the ‘company-builders’ vs. ‘business-builder’ dichotomy. Here Ed talks about his experience not only with startups but with large established companies and challenges delaying revenue model innovation.

Want to learn more about LA startups? Do you have questions about pricing and revenue innovation? We’d love to hear your comments and questions.

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