business uncertainty

Thoughts On The New Business Reality For Entrepreneurs

What the future holds is more uncertain than ever before.  On a global scale, coronavirus (COVID-19) is challenging our institutions to contain and communicate, let alone manage and cure. Coronavirus is changing how we live our lives.  Understandably, the new […]

Direction map

Build Your Financial Independence Strategy Map (Part 2)

TL:DR Achieving financial independence is going to be a core competency and competitive advantage in the coming decade. Startups need to design the map they will use to achieve the financial independence right for their company and objectives.  Working on […]

theme financial indepedence

The Theme We Will Talk About In The New Decade (Part 1)

TL:DR Growth without pathways to financial sustainability are no longer tenable (and tolerated). Startups need to work towards designing achievable business models that support greater financial independence. Greater financial independence will give entrepreneurs longer horizons and maneuverability to build stronger […]

startups pricing deals

Why Startups Need To Focus On Pricing More Than They Think

TL:DR Your pricing is your startup’s hidden weapon to growth.  Pricing enhances sales outcomes (read: revenue and profit).  Your pricing will impact all parts of your startup from fundraising to finance, sales and marketing to development, so it’s vital to […]

Create A New Competitive Moat

Peter Thiel famously said, “Competition is for losers”.  He may be right, but that doesn’t mean competition does not exist.  If your business is going after a market with many new and existing competitors – and chances are you are […]

HelloAdvisr CEO On The SparkXYZ Startup 2.0 Podcast

Startup 2.0 is a new video series by SparkXYZ that features leading venture capital firms and entrepreneurs covering a range of topics from raising capital to growth. In past episodes, the series included interviews from leading venture capital firms and […]