Don’t Break The Bank On Promotions

Promotions. We all love them, especially as consumers. But how exactly do they work when you’re the business executing one?  When it comes to promoting certain products, there is so much to consider.  What kind of promotion are you doing: […]

Make Strategic Pricing Decisions That Work

This post was going to be different.  Then Apple happened. We’ll come back to that in a second.  Recently Peloton made some new price changes and updates to its product range. The changes themselves are interesting, but what is more […]

pricing inventory

Building Your Pricing Inventory

We’ve all been there before.  The last few months have been spent building a new product. Tireless days, nights and weekends, bug-fixing, user tests, delays, the list goes on.  The big launch day is coming and there is still one […]

Pricing For Your First 10 Customers

A few months ago – before COVID-19 and travel was still something we did – I was in New York City in a conference room of a major financial institution with investors and their portfolio companies.  Unlike what you imagine […]

laser lights

Why We Need To Embrace Complexity

One of the hobbies we’ve (rediscovered) since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic has been making Lego sets.  Since none of the Legos were organized, we would take our big box of Lego mixed with several sets from Star Wars […]


HelloAdvisr CEO On IDA’s “Ideate.Decide.Act” Podcast

Recently HelloAdvisr CEO and Founder Ed Lee was invited to speak on the Idea.Decide.Act (IDA) podcast to talk pricing and growth.  On the podcast, we cover a number of questions including:  Why is it hard to figure out the right […]