13 Sept | MAKE IT IN LA ‘Fishbowl’ Workshop

HelloAdvisr will join MAKE IT IN LA for a ‘fishbowl’ session with the Catalyst Program Fellows in September 2018. The interactive session shares insights to use pricing strategically to scale their companies.

The ‘fishbowl’ session is designed to provide Fellows an introduction of core pricing strategy principles, but also an observational component where HelloAdvisr CEO, Ed Lee will take specific questions from companies and work through them for participants to  learn from.



MAKE IT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was spun out of Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti’s office in 2016. MAKE IT IN LA is a community of creators turning passions into products in Los Angeles. Through educational programming, online content, factory tours, and expert advice, we make connections that celebrate and unleash the creative potential of Los Angeles.

Greater L.A. is the largest manufacturing center in the country, and is home to a vast network of creative technologists and designers and more than 12,000 manufacturers and suppliers in industries ranging from space and special effects to food and fashion.

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