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Why We Need To Embrace Complexity

One of the hobbies we’ve (rediscovered) since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic has been making Lego sets.  Since none of the Legos were organized, we would take our big box of Lego mixed with several sets from Star Wars […]

How Smart Startups Are Outsourcing Pricing

TL:DR Pricing is strategically important, which is why the CEO is the decision-maker for more than 3 of 4 companies in a study we conducted. Those CEOs also know pricing is not a core competency or skill set their company […]

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Managing Your Pricing Strategy In A Downturn – Your Cheat Sheet

The economic downturn brought on by the global coronavirus outbreak has forced companies to reassess their financial position, business model and pricing strategy. As businesses adapt, one of the first things to go is pricing power – having a lasting […]

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Thoughts On The New Business Reality For Entrepreneurs

What the future holds is more uncertain than ever before.  On a global scale, coronavirus (COVID-19) is challenging our institutions to contain and communicate, let alone manage and cure. Coronavirus is changing how we live our lives.  Understandably, the new […]

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Build Your Financial Independence Strategy Map (Part 2)

TL:DR Achieving financial independence is going to be a core competency and competitive advantage in the coming decade. Startups need to design the map they will use to achieve the financial independence right for their company and objectives.  Working on […]