HelloAdvisr CEO On IDA’s “Ideate.Decide.Act” Podcast


Recently HelloAdvisr CEO and Founder Ed Lee was invited to speak on the Idea.Decide.Act (IDA) podcast to talk pricing and growth. 

On the podcast, we cover a number of questions including: 

  • Why is it hard to figure out the right price?
  • What are some common struggles founders have when it comes to pricing?
  • What are some of the different types of pricing models founders can consider?
  • How is the best way to figure out what pricing strategy best fits your startup?

Listen to the entire podcast here.


About IDA:

Idea.Decide.Act (IDA) is a platform to empower female entrepreneurs to succeed in their busienss goals and give them the support they need, whether they are starting out with abusiness idea or already have it under way. Learn more:

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